Snap your documents into FileMaker

About it

When the brains at FullCity Consulting conjured up this simple solution for direct scanning of documents into your FileMaker database, we believed we had something great on our hands. It is a cross-platform and compatible with Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners that use the ScanSnap Manager. 



Free. No catch! All it will “cost” you is your email address. And feel free to give us your real email address because that’s where we’ll send the download link. Also, we may want to send you some FileMaker or Snap2FM related news in the future. We promise not to spam you or sell you out. It’s plain old bad karma. We get it.


We're offering Snap2FM "as-is". In order to answer some of the FAQ, we've added a page. Between the sample files, internal documentation and FAQ, we hope you have enough to get start. However, if you do still need a hand, contact us - we offer consulting packages for $200 per hour. 


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