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FullCity has been an incredibly helpful in building out our FileMaker database. We've come to rely on their quick and diligent responses as well as their problem solving skills. I would highly recommend using them to support your as business as well!

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Emma FOley
operations assistant

I have been working with the FileMaker platform since 1986 and have been using the services of FullCity Consulting for over 7 years now. As a small business owner, I do not need a full-time IT/software expert on staff, so FullCity is a great fit for my organization. Their team is very professional, dependable, friendly, and responsive, offering great virtual, phone and remote support but will even come on-site when needed. Over the years FullCity has helped us transition from a bunch of free-standing Mac work stations to a full server based FileMaker system with remote access on all of our mobile devices. They have helped us broaden our use of FileMaker, across different segments of our organization, allowing us to trim excess applications from our software portfolio. Lastly, they have tackled a full spectrum of database design for us, including, "from ground up" development of extremely complex multi layout - multi function databases, all the way down to the "tweaking" some of my own home grown databases when the design has gotten beyond my understanding of the software, or when time will just not allow me to dig in on my own. In final, we are in a very niche segment of commercial service, offering support to the Power, Petro, Pharma and Construction industries, and I have always been very impressed with their ability to understand our business and make FileMaker fit our needs. I highly recommend this team for any FileMaker implementation regardless of size or industry. 


WJ Casey

Jimmy BiondI